The Electoral Process

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has the duty to conduct the electoral processes efficiently and fairly. It will need to put in place all the necessary logistics to ensure that the process runs smoothly. In the upcoming harmonised election there will be a number of different elections that will take place at the same time. Firstly, there will be direct elections for the Presidency, the 201 constituency seats in the National Assembly and the seats in the urban and rural local authorities. Most voters will vote in these elections on the ordinary voting day. However, some persons, such as soldiers and police officers, who will not be able to vote on the ordinary polling day because they will performing security duties on that day will be permitted to vote in advance of the ordinary election at special polling stations. Diplomats outside the country will be able to vote by post. A number of seats in the Senate, the National Assembly and the Provincial Councils will be allocated on the basis of a party-list system of proportional representation.

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