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Principles for Election Management, Monitoring and Observation

Principles for Election Management, Monitoring and Observation in the SADC region is the product of an initiative that originated at a Southern African Electoral Forum Conference held from 11-14 June 2000 in Windhoek, Namibia. The Forum drew together more than 100 participants from governments, electoral commissions, political parties, civil society and research institutions and electoral and political experts from the SADC region. These stakeholders exchanged views about the determinants of best electoral practice, especially those issues related to improving election management, monitoring and observation, and enhancing the transparency of the electoral process.

The aim of the conference, whose theme was In Pursuit of Electoral Norms and Standards, was to define a set of criteria to guide electoral practice and to foster a sound enabling environment in which elections can take place. The Forum underlined the need for the development of what was then referred to as regional norms and standards, to provide benchmarks for national discussions and to offer a guide to ‘best electoral management practice’.