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The ZEC Secretariat (administrative organ) is headed by a Chief Elections Officer (CEO) and has various departments. The CEO is the administrative and technical head of the Secretariat and directly reports to the Commission. He is the accounting officer. Specifically, the Secretariat consists of three divisions namely: Administration and Finance, Operations and Inspectorate Divisions. Currently, the Secretariat is housed at Century House East and Hardwicke Building in the centre of Harare city. It has ten permanent provincial offices each headed by a Provincial Elections Officer who is the direct representative of the CEO at the provincial level. ZEC has also established sixty districts each headed by a District Elections Officer.

Chief Elections Officer

Administration and Finance Division

This division is headed by a Deputy Chief Elections Officer and is responsible for providing the much needed support services to the Operations division through four departments namely:-Administration, Finance, Human Resources, and Information Services (I.T.). In addition to these four departments, there are three more departments under the Chief Elections Officer’s office namely, Legal, Security and Internal Audit.

Operations Division

This division is responsible for the core function of the Commission, that is, the actual conduct and management of elections and referendums, election logistics, voter education and publicity campaigns and image promotion. It is also headed by a Deputy Chief Elections Officer and has four (4) departments namely: - Polling and Training, Public Relations, Voter Education, and Election Logistics.

Inspectorate Division

This division has a responsibility of monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the electoral processes with a view to achieving electoral best practice, to evaluate the Commission’s management systems and to carry out research. It is headed by a Chief Inspector (equivalent of a Deputy Chief Elections Officer) and is usually given additional special tasks directly by the Commission.